Speedway Showdown
part two
In the dying moments, the most important
things get installed...the stuff to make the
cars look pretty
The Hotrod Heroes Brisk Bomber
The Indy Idols Rapid Racer
The Stockcar Stars Quick Car
They must run an 1/8th mile drag,
road course and 1/2 mile oval
The Stockcar Stars and Indy Idols
are ready for the first race
The Stockstars are pulling away from
the Idols who are having shifting problems
Stockcar Stars: 9.96s
Indy Idols: 14.76s
The Stockcar Stars and Hotrod Heroes
wait at the christmas tree for green
They are roaring down that
straightaway...it could be close
Hotrod Heroes: 9.30s
Stockcar Stars: 10.80s
The Hoeroes and Idols get ready.
9.30s is the time to beat
They are neck and neck, it's going
to be a photo-finish!
Hotrod Heroes: 8.98s
Indy Idols: 9.27s
Trailing, so far, the Stockcar Stars
go first in the road course
They have posted a respectable
time at the 1/2-way mark of 3:30
Ooh! The shifted drivers seat is
dragging which will slow them down
Karyn informs Tom that his total
time is 7:32
The Hotrod Heroes are off!
Oops! Clipped the barrier
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