Speedway Showdown

For the first time ever (or so claims Junkyard Wars) three of racing premiere divisions, Stockcar, Indy and Drag Racing have come together for the ultimate test to see who is the best in the west. Experts and mechanics in each field of racing will be competing to see who can build the best all-around race car. The car s will have to maneuver three different tracks. The first is 2 runs down a 1/8th mile drag strip (fastest time counts), then 10 laps around a road course. The teams receive points based on their performances in these 2 events. Those total scores will determine the positioning for the final race...10 laps around a 1/2 mile oval. The team that crosses the finish line first will be the champs for this special contest.

On the other Junkyard MegaWars, the teams get 2 days to build their vehicles. However, since they are "only building a car" (which is less complex than the other challenges) they will have the standard 10 hours to build their vehicles. Also, the lovely Cathy Rogers returns to host along side Tyler and Karyn. Also, each teammember must drive the car one time.

The Teams & Their Designs
The Stockcar Stars
cwise fr top lt; Captain Gordon,
Peaches, Tom and Jim
Their design consists of a truck chassis with a
big engine attached. Finding a powerful
enough engine could very well be
a challenge
The Indy Idols
cwise fr top lt; Captain Jerry,
Grant, Matt and Rick
They want to make their own chassis,
powered by a motorcycle engine. Because the
engine is small, they will have to keep their
weight down.
The Hotrod Heroes
cwise fr top lt; Captain Willie,
John, EJ and Donnie
Very simple design. Strip a truck to the frame
and add a big V8 engine for power. They
also want to add a VW body...but only
for form, not function

The engine only from this camaro will
hopefully power the Hotrod Heroes
to victory
By removing 90% of this truck, the
Indy Idols are hoping for a winner
Instead of building a frame from scratch,
this dune buggy will suffice once it goes
on a crash diet
Once the supports have been removed,
it is no problem to remove the cab from
their pick-up truck
Oops! They dropped their hi-tech
engine causing a leak and problems
It's contagious! The Stockcar Stars
have had their engine slip and leak
fluids as well
In the good news department, the
Idols have found an axle complete
with sprocket attached
Judge Pat Foster
The Heroes test their engine...it's
a no go show...
...but they set a record for biggest
fire in the junkyard!
The Indy Idols haven't started their
engine but they attach it anyway
Safety first means roll cages of steel
tubing are very important
Adjustable springs mean the Heroes can
adjust each wheel to provide better
traction to individual tires
No, this isn't a mistake. By off-setting
the drivers seat, it places more down
force on the inside tires which should
help in cornering
More safety gear for the teams...this
time in the form of racing seats
To get their engine going, the Idols are
using the engine from the quad bike
as an example of how it goes together
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