Over the course of each series (US and UK), a number special episodes have been done. You can learn more about those specials from this page.
UK Specials
US Specials
IntraSeries Showdown #1
Megalomaniacs vs Brother in Arms
US vs UK Trans-Atlantic Challenge
Megalomaniacs vs Long Brothers
Car Crusher
 IntraSeries Showdown #2
The Cat-alysts vs Megalomaniacs
Car Jousting
The Rusties
The Oscars© of the scrap pile
IntraSeries Showdown #3
The Barley Pickers vs The Cat-alysts
Car Flinger
IntraSeries Showdown #4
The Cat-alysts vs The Destroyers
Formula 1 Racers
IntraSeries Showdown #5
The Cat-alysts vs The Anoraks
Junkyard Wars
Bloopers and Trashy Outtakes
 Junkyard Wars
Trash TV: Uncensored
Junkyard Mega-Wars
American Raptors vs British Bulldogs vs Russian Bears
Racer/Rock Climber/Boat
 American Eagles vs British Buzzards vs French Falcons
Flight of the Century
Stockcar Stars vs Indy Idols vs Hotrod Heroes
Speedway Showdown
Jim Henson's Creature Shop vs KNB vs ILM
Alien Artillery
Siberian Snowstormers vs American Icebergs
vs British Blizzards
Cold Wars
Team Anarchy vs Team Firepower vs The Farmboys
vs The Metal Maidens
The Great Race