Speedway Showdown
part two

Their split time is 15 seconds slower However, they managed to recover 
that time plus some more for a 
finish of 7:24 and first place
The Indy Idols are more at home Their split time is much faster...almost 
20 seconds shaved off
Woah, a spin out will definately 
cost them precious seconds
With the error, they post a blazing 
time of 7:07 for the win
The Idols and Heroes share pole
position, the Stars are 20' back
And they are off and running!
Oh! 1/4 of a lap into the race and the
Stars and Idols rubbed wheels sending
the Idols into a spin
Everyone is ok but the Idols' car is
unable to race. Jim is shaken
Jim's nervourness is working to the
advantage of the Heroes who have an
normous lead after 8 laps
The Hotrod Heroes need to keep
control of their car if they hope to
maintain that lead
A spinout for the Heroes cost them
a large part of their lead but a quick
recovery might save them
The Stockcar Stars are closing the
gap in a big way, capitalizing on
the mistake of the Hotrod Heroes
They overtake with 1.5 laps to go! The Hotrod Heroes are held off
and the Stockcar Stars celebrate
The Triple Track Trohpy goes to
the Stockcar Stars!

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