The Great Race
page 3
Heading to the next junkyard, the Maidens
have 4, Farmboys 3 and 0 for the others
Uh oh! Looks like a wheel bearing 
problem. They have to stop for repairs
This time, Firepower is first at the
junkyard in Baker, California
It's ambitious but they will 
build a 1/2 track truck
The Farmboys'll lower the air
pressure and make a bumper
with skid plate
Team Anarchy is trimming their
hearse and adding sand wheels
to the rear
The Maidens will reuse their log
skidder as a skid plate and add
sand wheels as well
Who has the tires time time?
Firepower got there first and
scooped up a trailer load
The Maidens manage to find
a pair of sand paddles
Team Anarchy rid the hearse of
any unneeded weight
So does Firepower
They need all of those wheels, 12
in all, to make the track work
Bobbi Sue checks out the Baja 
Bumper of the Farmboys
Team Anarchy have a secret weapon.
a 200Hp boost from a Nitrous kit
Firepower is lagging badly and are
the last to finish on build day...
...only to have a support shear and
their track to come apart
They took the tracks off and are
running the tires alone
Team Anarchy head to the outside
and take the lead
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