The Great Race
page 2
The Farmboys increase ride height
by flipping some I-beams over
The log weighs a ton. They test
their ramp with 500lbs
Firepower finally have some big tires
on the van. They've gotta move faster
The Maidens add the final touches
to their skid-ramp
Team Anarchy are off the line
They place the ramps and line-up
They're over! Look at the air!
Ouch. Their front tire snapped off
they score 0 points for a DNF
The Farmboys turn and they cut
through the log
They push it out of the way
with no problems
It's across the finish line in
10:35...not a bad time
Firepower are losing parts of
their ramp system along the track
They need more things to
reinforce those ramps
They went for it after about 20
minutes and get stuck. DNF
The Maidens are rarin'' to go
They ease up to the log and slide
the front about 6" off the ground
They gun it and sail over the log!
Maiden's time...only 1:52!!
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