The Great Race
page 4
Team Anarchy race along on
three wheels. It's very bumpy
That dust cloud is the Maidens
coming in for a landing
Team Anarchy hit the NOS and
take a huge lead
The race for third is between
the Maidens and Firepower
Firepower find some decoration for
their van. They have 1 point total
Team Anarchy stop in Baker for
some wheel repairs. They have 4 points
To float the truck, the Farmboys will
add barrels. They have 6 points
For some reason the people of
Needles, CA come out for a parade of junk
Barrels will float the 74 Caddy
As will the hearse
And so too for the van
Left with scraps, showing up last,
Firepower might have to use pop cans
To lighten the Caddy, the Maidens
ditch the rear 1/3 of the car and hood
2 20' long plastic culverts get
sealed off and attached to the Ford
The maidens also use these old fuel
tanks from airplanes for floatation
The Farmboys found a jetski
to ford their Ford across the Colorado
For power, Anarchy have mounted
a motorbike sideways and attached
a prop to the rear gear
This is it. The final leg of The Great
Race. It might be very close
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