Missile Launcher

This episode finds the Young Guns facing off against Three Rusty Juveniles in a missile launch build. They must build a machine that will launch a pumpkin into the air and obliterate their opposing team's castle. Each team has 3 tries to get as close as they can to their opponent's castle. An outside hit is worth 30 points and a hit inside the castle gets 100 points. Highest score wins. The practice of launching pumpkins like this is called "Pun'kin Chunking/Chucking".

The Young Guns are going for the "simple" idea of a trebuchet (treh-buh-chez). A trebuchet works on a similar principle as a see-saw. A weight on the other end of a fulcrum (balance point) drops down which brings the opposite end of the "see saw" into the air. Their pumpkin will need to be in a sling for it to be released properly. They'll need to make sure the heavy end is heavy ehough (but not too heavy). Aiming might be a problem too.

The Three Rusty Juveniles will be building an air cannon. Using 2 bicycles attached to an electric compressor (sans motor), they'll fill a giant airtank with about 30psi of air pressure (the same as a car tire). The compressor works by sucking air in from one valve and forcing it out of another, like a pump. Then they'll need to open a valve quickly enough so all of the air is released at once to blow the pumpkin out of the barrel. Can they bicycle enough to fill the tank? What about the angle of the barrel? They've got alot of "grunt work" to do before this challenge is over.

The Young Guns
clockwise captain Stan, Brian & Jesus
Their expert is Ron Toms
Three Rusty Juveniles
clockwise captain Jay, Ray & Tom
Expert, Waddy Thompson
Cathy & George seem a tad scared
George tosses Cathy a gourd
The Young Guns start working on a
support for their trebuchet
Our judge invented Punkin Chunking.
He's 'Broad Dog' Thomson
Guys? How are you going to weld a
plastic pipe to anything?
Something gets welded to another
That's a nice compressor
Half the day is gone!
The perfect valve
That grating will be used as weights
for the trebuchet
Tom indicates he'd like a more
comfortabte seat
The Juveniles' pipe is shortened just a
3 Rusty Juveniles' air cannon
The Young Guns' terrific trebuchet
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