Missile Launcher
Part two
This is the target the Young Guns must
attack. The Juveniles have a similar
castle to aim for
The Rusty Juveniles pedal for all they're
worth to get the pressure up
It's a nice shot but they've over-shot
the castle by 30 feet
The Young Guns up the ante on their
first shot getting within 8 feet
The Juveniles 2nd shot looks good...
...and it's close enough to measure...
...and they missed it by 7 feet, 1 inch!
The Young Guns make a 2nd attempt
And it's a hit! 30 points!!
It all rests on you, little feller
The Juveniles' shot looks good
But they can't pick up the hit. All Cathy
sees is a "mildly dazed spider"
They had good height...
...but the Young Guns advance