Junkyard Wars - Trash TV: Uncensored

In this special (first aired November 29th, 2002), we get a chance to learn about the behind-the-scenes stuff of Junkyard Wars and what it takes to make an Emmy nominated production. Most of the show is punctuated with clips from the past two US series (#s 3 and 4 on this site) and a few out-takes.
To build a show in just 10 hours, it's
Taryn & Kyler...The Loose Screws!
They can start if the hosts can
get the car crusher to drop
First, the set has to be built
Then you need a large crew...
...who have to be fed
Change from a car! The budget is
A little song, a little dance. I think
this guy needs a kick in the pants
Kyler & Taryn will have to find
the right hosts for the show
And a good location is key too.
Rodeo Drive is not a good location.
Kyler & Taryn get mad props from
Tyler & Karen for a great job