The Crew

It takes a LOT of people to make a show like Junkyard Wars so here are a few of the folks who work hard to bring you 14 hours of entertainment each and every season (not including special episodes) as highlighted on this special.
First Assistant Producer
Michael Shea
Line Producer
Diana Hunter
Location Manager
Rob Mendel
Dan Messinger
Molly Milton
The Chefs
Frank, Larry & Pascal
Patrick Titley
The Sound Guys
Greg Kita & Joe Ekins
Technical Director
Spud Murphy
The Wardrobe Gals
Jeanne Wiest & Anna Pacheco
One of the many 'white coats'
who referee the events
Set Medic & Firefighter
Roy  Irwin
The producers brainstorm for future show ideas
(fruit picker, ejector seat & cold nuclear fusion)