Mega Wars
Part 3
The American Raptors machine
The British Bulldogs Machine
The Russian Bears Machine
The course they must race is 3 miles
long through scorching salt flats
At the start, the Bears & Bulldogs are
almost neck-and-neck
The Raptors soon over-take the other
teams AND the production truck
The Russian Bears are left in the dust
of the Bulldogs. The Bears are doing
20 miles per hour.
The Raptors fly across the finish line
at 45 miles per hour!
The Bulldogs take 2nd doing 35mph.
Cathy walks among some rocks along
the rock-crawling leg of the race
The Raptors rid their truck of suspension
components for a better ride
The Bulldogs make a fine adjustment
to their truck with a 20lb sledge
The Bears' expert takes a nap during the
1 hour tinker time. They don't have to
change their machine since they planned
for everything in advance
The tricky, nasty, rocky course
The Raptors get one of 3 penalties
during their race
The Raptors power over a rock pile
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