Mega Wars
Part 4
With 3 time penalties, the Raptors' time
is 5 minutes 25 seconds
The Bulldogs are chomping at the bit
but they get stuck trying to climb a
rock pile
The Bulldogs are trying to make up
some lost time
Bulldogs truck shot POV
But 2 penalties give them a time of
6 minutes and 6 seconds
The Bears are off to a slow pace
They threw their chain trying to climb
that same rock pile.
Cathy is sad to report that the Bears
have broken their chain and cannot
finish the course
This is a full mile course over water
Robert doesn't seem to think that a
rudder infront of the prop, behind
a block isn't a good idea
The Bulldogs attach one of their two
...and add a breather so the engine will
continue to operate should it go under
The scores after 2 rounds. It doesn't
look good for the Bears
And they're off!
Oh no! The Bulldogs' powerful outboard
isn't providing thrust but froth!
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