The Great Race
page 5
Right off the bat, Team Anarchy have
lost from floats and are being pushed
arounf by the river's current
The Farmboys are off to a quick
lead with their jet powered 60s
Ford pickup truck
The teams, except Anarchy, are
progressing well
Lodged on a sand bank and 1/2 sunk,
Team Anarchy give up
The Farmboys are the first to make 
shore but those pontoons hold them up
Powered by only 3 trolling motors,
the Metal Maidens are catching up
The Maidens come in backwards. This
will give the rear wheels a chance to grip
The Farmboys are out and the first
to start heading for Las Vegas
Their massive outboard has little control
so they try paddling ashore
It works, kind of. They have to tow
the van around so it can get traction
The bright lights are going to set
the Maiden's soul on fire
Engine trouble has all but knocked
Firepower from the race
I wonder if Vegas has seen many
Caddys that look like this?
The Farmboys search for the
Flamingo Hotel
The Farmboys arrive first for 
4 points and the win!
Firepower shows up under their
own power for 2 points
I guess he hasn't left the
building afterall
Your winners...The Farmboys!
Well done to all of the
teams. Viva Las Vegas!!
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