The Great Race
This Junkyard Mega Wars first combines the ingenuity of Junkyard Mega Wars and the mad cap race across country of Cannonball Run. Four teams leave California on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Venice Beach and engage in a race, with three pit stops, to the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each pit stop will require the teams to modify their vehicles to compete in a race against the other teams. They earn points (from 4 to 0) based on how well they do in that particular challenge. Each team's vehicle is more or less similar from a mechanical stand point at the start of the race. At each pit stop they have to gather any junk they think might help them at a local junkyard and trailer it to the build site. They have only 12 hours to travel to each junkyard/build site and any time left on the clock is what they have to use for build time. The team who completes all three legs of the race and makes it to Las Vegas with the most points, wins.

The first stop is a junkyard in Big Bear Lake, California located 110 miles from the start point. En route, the teams are told that they will be competing in a mountain road rally. Once they collect their junk, the head to the build site at the Devil's Backbone. After modifying their vehicles in the way they want, they will race down the mountain, one at a time. Awaiting them on the mountain trail is a log that weighs a ton and they must get over the log any way they see fit. Once they get down the mountain, there is an off-road obstacle course they must also complete before reaching the finish line. Any team that takes more than 30 minutes to complete the entire course is DQ'd.

Next is a sand dune race in Death Valley. The teams travel 150 miles to a junkyard in Baker, California and then on to the build area in the desert at the DuMont Dunes. This time, their sand rail/dune buggy must travel across a 2 mile course. Along the way is 1/4 mile of rough washboarded sand, 1/2 mile of small dunes and in the middle is a 20' high dune called "The Camel's Back." In this race, the teams race at the same time. When this was filmed, the sand was very dry and lose and didn't offer much in the way of traction.

Finally, it's off to Needles, California for more junk. From there, the build area is on a beach head. The teams are now required to build an amphibious vehicle to cross the Colorado River. Once on the other side, they must drive out of the water, cut off their flotation devices then drive to the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada 110 miles away. The Colorado River is a fast flowing river so the teams will need some sort of powerful propulsion device if they're going to make it to the other side (then the race to LV).

Team Anarchy
Brandon, Lin-Dog and
captain Chopper Rat
Their vehicle is a
Buick Hearse
The Farmboys
captain Chaney,
Stoop and Grandpa
They have a
Ford Pickup
Team Firepower
Fletch, Crusher and
captain Keith
They're driving a
Chevy Van
Metal Maidens
Rebecca, captain
Flybutter and Kiki
The gals are in a
pink 70s Cadillac
Get Set..Go!
The Maidens pass the Farmboys
This is the build area at the
Devil's Backbone
The Metal Maidens are the first
to arrive at the junkyard
The Maidens will add rails under
their car and a "ski" to the front
that will ride up over the log
The Anarchists are going very
simple. Big tires and 2 ramps will
be used to jump the log
The Farmboys will cut the log
and push it away with the hydraulic
ramp on their truck
Firepower are going a simple
and studious route by using 2
set of ramps to drive over it
Team Anarchy try blocking the
Farmboys with no luck
A tire! A tire!! My kingdom
for a decent tire!
Lookee there. The Farmboys
found a chainsaw
The teams can't continue
working in the dark so...
...they stopped the clock and let
them go back at it the next morning
For clearance, Firepower are
trimming the bottom of their van
Chopper Rat helps the Maidens
jack up their car in the sand
This is the easy way to attach a
big tire to your standard rim
To raise their suspension, the 
Maidens are using these spacers 
to stretch their springs out
The rails are finished and attached
but are they too low? Will they
get tripped up on the off-road course?
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