Flight of the Century
 part two

The Brits have 2 of their 4 wing
components completed

The Americans continue working
on their metal airframe

The French continue to make a thing
of beauty by adding a tail section

The Brits glue things up at the end of
day one so it can cure overnight

The Americans get to work on
their undercarriage

The French have crafted a
beautiful wing

The tail goes on the American plane

The glue has cured and the British
fuselage is completed

The Brits test their tail and
rudder assembly

A little quick-set glue and the
fabric covers the wing

To make the fabric tight, all it
needs is some ironing

The Americans need cable to support
their wings and give overall strength

By varnishing the wing material,
it will make it stiffer

The wings go together and the Brit
bi-plane takes shape

The British Plane

The American Plane

The French Plane

FAA inspector, David Swann signs
off on all three planes

They race at dawn

They must fly a 1/2 mile

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