Flight of the Century
part three


The Americans can't get off the
ground on their first test flight

The French make a short hop
after some taxiing

The Brits take to the skies
almost immediately!

The French split their prop but the
Brits fix it with string and glue binding

The Americans STILL can't get off
the ground on test number 2

The French make another hop, this
one a bit higher

The British fly even higher than
the first test flight!

The Americans are up first at the
starting line

After a LOT of taxiing, they finally
get up off the ground

It's up! This design hasn't flown
since 1909, amazing!

They flew for 1:04 but landed well
short of the finish line

Tyler drops the green flag to
signal the French to start

They are soaring

They are well off the ground

It's a landing just over the finish line
and a time of 28 seconds

The British are last to go

They are the quickest in the air

And they just sail around

It's a perfect stop on the line with
a time of 2:40

Robert presents the British Buzzards
with the magnificent trophy

A post-flight celebration

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