Car Crusher
The Megalomaniacs are the undisputed, unbeaten Scrapheap Challenge winners. The Long Brothers are the similarly successful Junkyard Wars champs. In a battle of scrap supremacy, these teams will face off in a transatlantic challenge to see which team can build the better car crusher. They'll have 30 minutes to crush a VW Golf as flat as possible. The winner will recieve the Wolrd Series of Junk trophy and the admiration (ok, maybe not) of their fellow countrymen. The show, 2 hours, featured a lot of looks back at past challenges. None of those scenes will be recapped here.

UK champs, the Megalomaniacs, will be building a traditional hydraulic press. A small plate (compared to the car) will crush a section of the car at a time. They'll have to move the car and crush the next section. They'll also have to drop their support beam to allow the plate to crush the car totally.

The US boys, the Long Brothers, are building an 'original design' crusher. A giant hammer will flatten the car, or so they hope. The hammer will be mounted on the back of a truck for stability and will be raised with some sort of winch system.
It's the Megalomanicas with their
expert Steve Garfirth (lower left)
The Long Brothers have (lower left)
James Aduskevich as their expert
Your hosts with the most: George,
Cathy & Robert
The, uh, beautiful Trans-Atlantic
Challenge Trophy
Nosher is very excited about this
This chassis will be the basis for the
Long Brothers smasher
Cathy & George show the long,
hard, slow way to crush a car
This is the result of a professionally
crushed hatchback
This Mini is being 'abbreviated'
Nosher makes a precision cut
Our car crushing expert is
Mr John Meane
Nosher has taken up the fine art
of pole dancing
This beefy pulley is the crux of the
Long Brothers smasher
A weld goes on. I hope it'll be
strong enough.
The Long Brothers undertake
an impressive looking test
The Megalomaniacs' amazing
hydraulic rams

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