Car Crusher
Part 2
I wanna be...your sledgehammer!
The hosts take a moment to talk
Well...we know the Megalomaniacs
can atleast crush a soda can
Ouch! The Long Brothers destroy
a lawn mower
The Long Brothers' crusher complete
with Mini-powered winch
The Megalomaniacs have built a true
crusher with help from a Land Rover
Ooh...look at that roof buckle
under the pressure
The Long Brothers have pounded
their car near-flat
The Megalomanicas reposition
their car
The Long Brother's must move
their entire crusher
The Long Brothers have a slight
tangle in their winch cable
As the Long Brothers are finding out,
the firewall is hard to crush
The Megalomaniacs have their car
sitting on the bumpers
Look at how well German engineering
flattens out
The Long Brothers win a
real horse race
The Brits are gutted.  It's amazing that
they lost.
Your world champions...the Long Bros.