Cold Wars
 part three
The Brits are kind of slow off the start
A scary ride for sure!
The Brits finish in 1:06 worth 2 points
and now all 3 teams have 3 points
The Belarussians take aim at the
massive ice wall
Their fan rips into the wall
A hard hit crumbles the wall
They get through and across the
finish line in a quick 6:21
The Brits are lined up
They take out a massive section...
...but break their battering ram in
the process
Ooh! Hard to see but the 2nd and 3rd
axles have crashed into each other
giving the UK team a DNF and 1 point
The American stinger works ok until
the engine gives out after one hit. Their
stinger is now powerless
No worries though, they smash 
out a large part of the wall
The stinger wings are taking 
a beating though in the process
They back through the wall in only 2 to the Belarussians
With a score of 7 points, your winners
are the American Icebergs!
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