Cold Wars
 part two
This motorcycle engine will spin 
the US stinger
To get their track to stay on, the Yanks
attach bogey wheels in the middle
And finally, after 19 hours of work,
they put the tracks on their tank
The singer gets its wings
The Belarussians attach the blades
to their snow fan
The Belarussian Hearty Half-track
The American Tundra Tank
The British 16WD Slush Stomper
Mickey C had to leave so 
Harry is filing in for him
The contestants are at the starting
line, ready to tackle the incline
The Brits are off to an early lead
But the Belarussians take a big lead
The Brits are stuck and the US have
made a run for it from the start line
The Belarussians win handily but
break an axle in the process
Axle fixed, they head down the slope
5 gates down and no penalties!
They get stuck in a soft, flat part of 
the course and score 1 point
The Americans almost take out
a gate on the way down
They are throwing up a lot of 
snow and making great time
The US team cross the finish line in only
1:01 with no penalties
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