Part Two
The Hicks Family's completed glider
The Miami Gearheads' finished flier
Tyler welcomes us to the test area
in Santa Barbara, California
Milton looks comfortbale
So does Barnaby
The Hicks' won the coin toss and opted
to go second
The start of their run looks good
We have lift-off!
They stay airborn for 3.4 seconds
The Hicks' are off to a great start
They're up...
...and down in a nasty way!
Barnaby is shaken
He took a nasty spill. Unfortunately,
he only stayed up for 2 seconds
The Hick's are looking things over as
the Gearheads make their second run
It's another successful flight. This time
they do slightly better with 3.5 seconds
The Hicks Family's glider is too broken
to fix. They concede defeat.
The Miami Gearheads are goin' to
the finals!