The race to the final has heated up about a thousand degrees as the Miami Gearheads meet The Hicks Family in a high-flying competition. Each team will be building a glider. Each team will have 3 runs down a long hill. The team that stays in the air the longest will advance to the finals with a chance to win the Junkyard Wars trophy.

The Miami Gearheads are going for the ultra-adventurous route by building a bi-plane. Two sets of wings will provide double the air surface which should provide more lift, in theory. However, the big problems will be keeping the weight of their glider down and the amazingly complicated design. With hundreds of pieces of wood to assemble, it will be much like a jigsaw puzzle.

The Hicks Family are building a traditional glider. One giant wing will span a cockpit. The problem will be the weight of such a large wing and the subsequent undercarriage. Another problem will be the inter-personal relationship between the Team Captain Jim and the expert. Jim is not used to taking orders and when the expert tries to make a decision for the better of the team, he doesn't take it well.

The Hicks Family expert,
Barnaby Wainfan
The Miami Gearheads expert,
Chuck Slusarczyk
The Hicks' design is a "simple"
The Gearheads are going for this
Wright Brother-esque glider
Jakey Hicks slithers into a car in
search of scrap
This piano will give up it's wire to help
strengthen the bi-plane
Frank steals some wood from the work
area of the Hicks
Barnaby & Jim butt heads over some
design "problems"
Our judge, Missy Cummings
An aerofoil works when air passing over
the top moves faster than on the bottom.
This creates lift.
Cathy chats with the Hicks girls about
the feuding inside the work area
The Gearheads prepare to skin the
The tail gets sewn together
Barnaby checks out the cockpit
Captain Milton must be feeling the heat
The Gearheads attach the upper wing
The Hicks' stretch the fabric of their wing
Frank can't handle the pressure
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