Beach Rescue Riders
part two
The Jet Doctors Jammin' Dory
The Auto Amigos Awesome Amphicar
The up'n'back, wet'n'sandy course
All geared up and ready to go..
The Jet Doctors hit the water first
But the Auto Amigos are a no go
The Jet Doctors jet out...
...and pick up their floater
They're stuck on a sand bank but
push themselves out
The dummy goes down and they
record a time of 8:55
The Amigos work on their engine while
the Doctors go on run number 2
Tama waves 'Ol Glory as they
steam out to the victim
He's on and they head back
No problem rolling up the beach
And bang! They've improved their
time to 8:27
Both teams are running and hit the
water at about the same time
The Auto Amigos look good
afloat on the water
It's short lived though as their 
engine conks out
The Jet Doctors cruise away
Their engine died too but they
thought ahead and built paddles
It's elementary at this point but they
completed three successful runs
Your winners and the winner of the
''Spend A Day With Junkyard Wars",
Jim Jablonsky