Beach Rescue Riders

Who needs David Hasselhoff when you've got the Jet Doctors and the Auto Amigos to the rescue! The teams will be building a vehicle that can drive down a beach and into the water. Once in the water then must cruise out to a stranded swimmer and rescue them by hauling them onto the craft. Once on the craft, they must get back to shore and put the swimmer on a back board. The team that has the single fastest time after 3 attempts advances to the finals. The craft must be able to carry two team members (one to drive, one to rescue) and the swimmer (a mannequin).

The Jet Doctors are thinking simple. They want to take something like an ATV, strap barrels to it and make it float. For propulsion they will attach a chain-driven paddle wheel to the back. For this to work, they need a good engine and plenty of flotation. An ATV engine really isn't meant to work underwater for long periods so that might hinder them. Also, if they don't get the paddle wheel just right, it could be a no go in the water.

The Auto Amigos will take a Volkswagen Beetle and make it float. By removing unnecessary metal from it, it should float better. They will also seal any holes to aid in the flotation. For power, they are going to mount a second set of wheels above the rear wheels and use a prop shaft from the second differential to turn a propeller. This is tricky and requires some precision fabrication, plus they have to keep the engine dry and patching all of the holes in the Beetle will be a huge obstacle.
Jet Doctors expert
Dave Dearer
Auto Amigos expert
Billy Sicks
Jet Doctors paddle design
Auto Amigos floater
A number of barrels like this incoming
one will be needed for flotation
A buried beetle is just the trick
for a boat to float
The guts of this had-luck ATV
should power them along nicely
However, this wagon will NOT
be very useful
By welding these barrels together, it
creates a pontoon to put along the side
This rear end is the final piece of
the equation to get the prop in motion
Change of plans. Instead of one big
paddle, they will have a smaller one on
each rear wheel
Lots and lots and lots and...well, you
get the idea of this sheet metal will be
necessary to try sealing to beetle
Judge John Beecher
One hole sealed, 27,239 holes to go
For better sealing and smaller holes,
fiberglass is the solution
The pontoons are too long, so
they get cut in half
A prong like this will make it easier
to slice through the water
Ooh! Close but not quite close
enough to transfer the power
The drive shaft for the prop gets
A piece of truck bed line is used to 
create a platform to sit on
to let their engine 'breath' underwater,
each team extends their exhaust pipe

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