This challenge is to build a vehicle like the ones you see at tractor pull events at county fairs or on TV. The Jet Doctors and Missile Masters will each get 3 runs up a 300 foot-long dirt track designed for tractor pulling. They will be towing a sled that has a large weight on it. The weight is at the back, over the wheels making it easy to pull at first. However, as they travel down the track, the weight moves over a "pad" which digs into the ground creating more and more friction eventually bringing the tractor to a stop. Each run will have a different driver and the vehicle cannot weigh more than 2,000 pounds. The team who pulls their sled the farthest in three tries, wins.

The Missile Masters are going to adapt a traditional tractor design. By finding a vehicle with low gears, they will have plenty of power to put to the ground. Big tires in the back should increase traction as well. This will be a slow and steady vehicle, not unlike a tortoise. The problems will most likely lie in their engine and gearbox. If they work the gearbox too hard, it could disintegrate. Also, they might have a difficult time getting their sled started if they are moving slowly.

For The Jet Doctors, it's back to the drawing board. They will build their own frame and attach a big engine with smaller tires. Their plan is to build a 'hare'. By moving faster at the start, they hope to get the sled moving and keep it moving. Building their own frame could take time. Finding a big enough motor might be difficult and getting the right wheels might not be easy either. Their expert, though, is their ace in the hole.
The Missile Masters
fr top lt; Captain Nate, Chad & Joel
expert Willie Greaser
The Jet Doctors
fr top lt; Captain Kirk, Tama & Jeff
expert Greg Long
The Jet Doctors' homebuilt puller
The Missile Masters' modified tractor
The engine (and rear axle) from this
truck will work wonders
The low gears and powerful engine
in the Jeep is just the ticket
Loads of tires..gotta get the
right ones though
The Jet Doctors want to talk about a
trade...the Missile Masters take an IOU
To keep the weight down,
the Jeep goes on a diet
Judge Larry Richwine
The drums on the Doctors rear-end
are too big for their tires, so they
work on cutting them down
To further save on the weight problem,
they want to replace the front axle of
the Jeep with a golf cart axle
The frame starts taking shape
Engine problems plague the Masters
A flange gets cut off of a support
Engine fires...not good
Cutting a roll cage...good
The rollcage gets welded in place
The Missile Masters Mighty Mover
The Jet Doctors Daring Dragger

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