part two
Karen on the course
This is the sled they'll be pulling
The Jet Doctors weigh-in at
1,979 pounds
The Missile Masters have a hefty
1,948 pound beast
The Jet Doctors take off in a
cloud of dust
They are roaring down the track
towards a good run
He should be excited. They scored
274 feet!
A little slower off the mark are
the Missile Masters
They are dusting up the track
It's good but not good enough
at 249 feet
Run two is another jump off the line
A choking cloud of dust
They've stoped at 248 feet
They are slow to start
Not as dusty as before becuase it's
a fresh track with no ruts
A little bit moredissappointing.
244 feet and onerun to go
Greg is driving and giving
it everything it has to give
He is flying up the track...it
looks very good
Almost a Full Pull! 284 feet sets
a new benchmark
Unfortunately, the Missile Masters blew
out their rear-end and are finished.