Off-Road Golfers
part two
The tricky, three hole par 11
High Flyers first shot slices left a little
They're on the green in 5
7 shots put it away
The launcher works a treat
On the green in only 3 shots
And it's bogey for the Jet Doctors!
2nd shot, from the rough
Ooh! Penalty stroke for moving the ball
Double Bogey! 6 on a par 4
First shot is straight down the fairway
They're 3rd stroke is a gentle tap
Holed in in 4! Par!
A loong distance shot for the Flyers
Lining up their 5th shot
6th lipped the cup. Score of 7
3 strokes & the Docs round the dog-leg
6th stroke requires a gentle tap
The 7th bounces out for 8 total!
Final score
High Flyers 20, Jet Doctors 16!