Off-Road Golfers

In this series final, the previously unbeaten Jet Doctors and High Flyers will have their unbeaten streak come crashing to an end. For the final, they will have to build a machine that can launch an over-sized golf ball (a soccer ball) down 3 fairways (complete with hazards) and into the hole (a buried garbage can). The team with the lowest score after the three holes are completed, is the winner. Once the ball is in play, they cannot pick it back up with their hands...only the machine may touch it.

The High Flyers are going for a simple approach. They want to mount a small engine onto the front of a jeep with a homemade golfclub attached to the engine. By revving the engine up and letting the clutch out, it will spin the club head around and whack the ball down the fairway. They will also have a manual putter for shorter shots. They trick here will be lining the truck up for the next shot and the sturdiness of their golf club face. It will be hitting the ball at tremendous speed...if the small engine works

The Jet Doctors are going for a different approach. A claw will pick the ball up and drop it into a chute. The chute will direct the ball towards a pitching machine. The pitching machine has one wheel spinning (attached to a small motor) above a second chute. The ball will be flung between the tire and chute, then along the side of the van in a forward motion. A manual putter will also be used for short putts. A working engine will be key as well as getting the ball to stay moving forward after it leaves the pitching machine. The top spin may send it willy-nilly after a bounce.
High Flyers expert
Sean Dymes
Jet Doctors expert
Kimric Smith
The High Flyers' engine powered
golf club truck
The Jet Doctors and their grappling
arm pitcher
This Aerostar isn't budging until
they shift it out of park
The High Flyers have found the
juice for their golf club
This wheel, up to speed, should fire
their golf ball quite far
The High Flyers' jeep with their
golf axle already mounted
They're gonna mount the engine now,
before testing it. Oh shame!
Judge Frank Garrett
Hopefully, this claw will grab the
ball with no problem
The chain was just a bit too long but
by adding a short rod, they tension it
A quick test of the putter proves
to be successful
What would a Junkyard Wars
build be without a fire?
Lo and behold, the untested
engine doesn't work
This space has to be kinda specific
or the ball will go nowhere
Having finished early, the Jet Drs
enjoy a quiet game of Go Fish
With seconds to go, the most
important thing gets installed
The High Flyers Top Flyte Golfer
The Jet Doctors Slazinger Slammer

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