Car Dozers

The ultimate way to deal with traffic jams would be to push the offending cars out of the way and go through. Well, for the High Flyers and Big Shots, that dream is about to come true. The will be building a machine that will power it's way through a gauntlet of cars. A bunch of cars have been strewn down a track. The team that has the fastest total time after 3 runs (and a different driver each time) through the cars will advance. However, if they go outside of the yellow boundaries on the sides of the track, they incur a ten second penalty. So it isn't just's precision as well.

For the High Flyers, it's all about the traction. Using a monsterous truck for a base, they will add a second axle to the rear and wrap the two tires with tank treads. Combine a big engine and those massive footprints and put a big plow on the front and you have a essence. However, adding a second axel isn't exactly a walk in the park. Neither will finding a big, reliable engine? This machine will have to be just plain tough!

The Big Shots are going for power. A big truck chassis and a big engine will give them lots of power and strength to withstand any major collisions. However, their plow is going to resemble a cow catcher (like you used to see on old time locomotives). The trick is that they will put their blade at the rear and drive in reverse. This will protect the engine and give them some low-range power. Again, finding a good engine might be the problem.

The High Flyers
l to r; Captain Ed, Bob, Rolf
inset; expert Jerry van Ortzel
The Big Shots
l to r; Tom, Captain Ivan, Joe
inset; expert Tim Glassford
The High Flyers traditional
bulldozer design
The Big Shots reverse locomotive
This big military chassis should do
the trick as will...
...this Winnebago. Unfortunately, it took
both teams 3 hours to get them!
Once back, the Big Shots run over
their arc welder
This pipe, cut in half, will make for
a dandy plow
Another axle for tank treads
Judge Russ Angol
This massive engine will work if they
can get it back to the build area
Dragging it back was NOT a good idea
and a theme that haunted this team
Aha! A missing can really
start on the rear of the dozer
This steel plating will be used to make
a skin over their cow-catcher
The wheels are good but they have to
make new hubs to fit the other axle
More problems...this time the engine
doesn't want to line up properly
To get the Winnie's engine to start,
Governer Ed hot wires it
And finally, at the last moment, the
tank treads get bolted together
Will their engine work? You bet it does!
Some last minute plow welding
The High Flyers high-flying dozer
The Big Shots cool car catcher
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