Car Dozers
part two

The course, littered with wrecks
And they're off on Run #1!
Those cars are just no match
They're making some progress
The cars are being moved quite easily
Going backwards does the trick
It was close. 0:28 for the High Flyers
and 0:33 for the Big Shots which includes
one penalty for going out of bounds
Ready for Heat #2...
It's almost a cakewalk
They slice through those cars like a
knife through hot butter
Ooh...close call!
The front-end plow works excellent
Both machines are dead...this run
has been declared void
Scores remain the same for Heat #3
as the suns sets over the course
The repairs are far
The car-catcher design is proving
very effective
Here come the High Flyers!!
Ooh! Out of bounds again and without
brakes..not good at all
Final score: High Flyers 1:21 and
Big Shots 1:19 with a lot of penalties
The High Flyers advance!!