Railroad Racers

After this is the finals, but first we have this last semi-final between the Kentucky Fried Family (power paddlers) and the Brooklyn Benders (paintball tanks). The task this week is to build a train that can fly down a 400-yard track the fastest. The best time after 3 runs advances. Oh, one little thing...just further down the track, after the finish line, is a stand with an ostrich egg on top. The only way for the runs time to count is to not knock the egg off of the stand. If the egg survives, so does their time. To also add to their task ,they'll be towing 1.5 tons of "freight" which will making stopping difficult.

The Brooklyn Benders are going to build a variation on a vehicle you may have seen on railroad tracks. They will attach rail wheels to a car and use the drive wheels to rub against another set of rail wheels and push themselves down the track (like the friction drives in Collapsible Cars) and use the brakes on the car to stop themselves. Provided they can find a working car, will the car brakes be abel to stop them AND the freight before they're making omelets?

The Kentucky Fried Family are also going "traditional." They will be creating a platform vehicle powered by an electric engine. They'll use a welder as a generator and golf cart wheels/engines for locomotion. They face a similar problem to the Brooklyn Benders in the question of stopping. Also, how much power can they generate from a couple of golf cart motors and would it even be enough for speed/pulling power?
Kentucky Fried Family expert
Roger Fury
Brooklyn Benders expert
Dave Simpson
The Kentucky Fried Family are building
a cart-based engine
The Brooklyn Benders will use a
modified car
The Family strike first with a
...and a couple of golf carts which will
surrender their motors
The Benders haven't found anything
in quite a while of looking
They do make up for it by finding,
and driving in, a Mustang
Judge John Patterson
Myles lends a hand to the Brooklyn
The inner workings of a differential.
This allows one wheel to turn faster than
another when going around a corner.
Erok starts pumpin' for all he's
worth as they realize that time is
quickly running out
The Family are trying to get their
generator fired up
Fast & furious welding takes place
at Bender headquarters
The Kentucky Fried Family's
Freight Flyer
The Brooklyn Benders' Beat-up
Boxcar Hauler

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