Railroad Racers
part two
Tyler saves an egg from being run
over by a load of freight
The rails are greased before either
team makes a run
The Kentucky Fried Family are off to
a great start...
...and stop well short of the egg and
clock a time of 38.13 seconds
The Bender's Mustang is smoking
like mad...
...but they also stop in time with a
time of 51.65 seconds
To make it more challenging, the
egg is moved 10' closer
The result of all that smoke? A big
groove in their tire
The Family are flying again
This time, it's 43.37 seconds
Erok is cruising down the track
And had a time of 28 seconds until
the egg went splat
The Family race over the finish line
on their third run...
but applied their brakes a bit too late.
The egg broke with a 38.59s run
Mustang Heather gave it her all
But their time of 41.47 wasn't enough
to beat the Family who advance