Power Paddlers
Richard Dawson is nowhere to be seen in this family feud. The Kentucky Fried Family are takin' on The Morterheads in a challenge straight out of the old days on the Mississippi. Each team will be building a paddlewheeler that will have to be more powerful than the other team. First, they will race across a lake to determine who will get the first prime position for the second part of the challenge (the main event). They will butt heads and try to push one another outside of a giant circle of buoys. The first team to rack up 3 wins (out of 5) is the winner.

The Kentucy Fried Family will be building a sternwheeler. A frame floated on a lot of barrels will support the team and a stripped down four-wheel drive truck. The rear axle will turn a large rear paddle by means of a sturdy chain. Every junkyard danger sign should be flashing in your mind. Oil drums? Will there be enough? A working 4-wheel drive? Can they find one? A chain driven paddle? Fuhgebbaboudit!

The Morterheads' idea is almost as outlandish. They will build a sidewheeler. The hull of their boat will be fabricated from a series of dumpsters. Power will come from a tractor. Once the wheels are off, a narrow paddle will be attached to either side of the rear axle of the tractor. Problems? How about finding enough dumpsters to make a boat. Then you gotta find a tractor...crazy man, crazy!
Kentucky Fried Family
l to r; Clint, Captain Myles & Jay
inset; expert Jack Baddeck
The Morterheads
l to r; Guy, Captain Andy & Molly
inset; expert Dana Dolphy
The Kentuckey Fried Family's
The Morterheads' sidewheeler
A cable reel will make an excellent
...and this car trailer will make an
excellent boat deck (with work)
A tractor will provide loads of power
for the Morterheads' boat
This dumpster, however, needs a lot
of work before it's seaworthy
A samurai engine and drivetrain will
move the Family along nicely
Place that engine carefully guys...don't
wanna break it at this stage
Judge Phil Nus
The Morterheads will use the seats of
these folding chairs to make the paddles
Where do you dump 1/2 a truck?
For once, oil barrels aplenty

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