Power Paddlers
part two
A paddle wheel goes together
Theivery! A Family member takes a
chain they desperately need
And the ill-gotten chain gets attached
The Morterheads' Paddle Pusher
The Kentucky Fried Family's boat
The giant pushing "ring"
In the race to determine who is left or
right, the Morterheads win
It didn't help and the Family take the
first win
Abandon ship! The Morterheads are
sinking and their wheels are throwing
water into their boat
Salvage bags keep them afloat. The
Kentucky Fried Family let them use
the orange floats
Can the Morterheads intimidate
the Family sitting head-to-head?
Nope, they're muscled out again
Underwater shot of the Family's paddle
The Morterheads are giving it 100%...
...to no avail, they're pushed out again
The final score tells the tale