Flying Boat
The Sewer Rats built the better garbage guzzler and the Turbines built a superb mechanical mole. Neither previous experience will help them this time.  They don't really have to build a flying boat. What they have to build is a hydrofoil. A hydrofoil is a boat withwings attached to the sides and underneath. When the boat goes fast enough, the wings create lift in the water (just like wings on an airplane create lift) and the boat's hull rises out of the water. This reduced friction and  let's the boats go even faster.  They will do 3 'drag races' down a 200 yard course on a lake. The fastest single time will advance that team to the finals.

Both teams will need a boat and wings, that's a given. The difference comes in thrust. The Sewer Rats are going for a jet powered hyrdofoil. This should give them lots of power and speed but it's a tricky bit of engineering. The Turbines are going for a prop driven design. More conventional but they will have to poke a hole in the bottom of theit boat for the drive-shaft which will increase their chances of sinking.

Sewer Rats expert
Ken Malony
The Turbines' expert
Jake Free
The Sewer Rats' jet powered hydrofoil
The Turbines' prop driven canoe
A hydrofoil in action
Look at that, a canoe intact...
and another boat in one piece.
Doesn't seem right, does it?
The Sewer Rats want to use this jet
pump to power their way to victory
This is how a jet works. Water is sucked 
up the intake pipe, spun around by the 
impeller and flung out the back
The Turbines finally find an engine. But 
is it too big for their canoe design?
Our judge, in his Navy blues, 
Captain Peter Squiccarini
Neither team has the engine they want, 
so a friendly swap is arranged
The Sewer Rats get to making foils... 
from wood
The judge gets the troops organized
after there is dissention in the ranks
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