Flying Boat
part two
That's one bad mother...shut your mouth
I'm just talking 'bout that shaft
The Junkyard Warriors secret weapon,
duct tape
The Sewer Rats flyin' rowboat
The Turbines' flyin' canoe
It's a timed, 200 yard course
The Turbines' expert heads out
Does that help?
It might have. His time was 52s
Oh no! The Sewer Rats snapped their
drive shaft. Doesn't look good...
Run number 2 for the Turbines is even
faster with 48s
Water in a boat is not a good thing
The Turbines make run #3
Gary thought he could do better driving.
His time of 51s proves otherwise
The Sewer Rats are dead in the water.
They concede defeat.
It's the Turbines to the finals