Combat Cars

A final challenge should be one of epic proportions. The Pit Crew (climbing cars & fire fighting flotilla) take on The Turbines (mechanical mole & flying boats) to build cars that battle each other...remotely controlled that is. Points will be: 10 for a hit, 30 for a flattened tire and 50 for a blown radiator. 20 points will goto the other team if they leave the circle. The team that score the most points after three rounds, or score a knockout, will be this series' champion.

In essence, each team is building the same machine. The only difference is the vehicles and some of the ways they'll operate the various control systems of their vehicles. The Pit Crew are using a station wagon and the Turbines are using a big 2-door coupe. The Turbines are going to use pneumaticaly driven pistons for shifting and braking while the Pit Crew will use power window motors for their systems. Pneumatics work like hydraulics with the only difference being hydraulics use a liquid. Pneumatics use gasses.

What each team will need are servos. A servo is a small motor with a small control arm. One use of a servo is to operate the flaps of a model airplane (which is where the teams will find their servos). Obviously a small motor and small control arm can't turn a steering wheel or operate a gear shifter. The servo can be used to operate a larger motor that is capable of doing those things.

The Turbines expert
Chip Flynn
The Pit Crew expert
Christon Manzella
The Turbines will use CO2 for brakes
and shifting
The Pit Crew will use power window
arms for control
The Pit Crew get one car...
..and a second
The Turbines will use wheelchair parts
for steering
It's Grand Theft Auto as a Turbine makes
off with one of the Pit Crew's cars
Scott didn't like that too much so he
decides to steal it back, unsuccessfully
Scott takes his frustrations out on the
Turbines' car
A handshake and a truce
This toy truck will give up parts of its
Judge Sam Dargo
A dangerous looking weapon
It's a tangle of wires from servo to servo
A deadly spike is added to the Turbine
arsenal of weapons
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