Combat Cars
part two
The pneumatically controlled brake
By attaching the wheel directly to the
steering wheel, it simplifies things
For looks or for intimidation?
Ouch! That looks like it might hurt
The Turbines' R/C Oldsmobile
The Pit Crew's R/C Station Wagon
The 'circle of death'
A slight adjustment with a sledge hammer
Oh! A near miss
Not that time. It's a 10 point hit
You can see the camera being jerked
out of the way as the Pit Crew's car
goes AWOL. The score is 20-50 for
the Pit Crew
Ooh! The Turbines got a good side
swipe on the Pit Crew which completely
rips their driver's side door off!
A hit as seen from the inside of the
Turbines car.
The Pit Crew push the Turbines car
around.  It's now 50-70 for The Crew
They're stuck together
Oh, it's a knockout to the Turbines
The trophy goes to The Pit Crew.
The final score was 110-50