Climbing Car
part two
The Pit Crew show off their monster
sized V8 engine
By using two pairs of tires in the rear,
the Pit Crew should increase traction
The Pit Crew's Climber
The Jet Jocks' Climber
Cathy shows off the hill
The Pit Crew make it a big 287 feet
up the course, setting the bar high
The Jet Jocks take it easy and put up
270 feet
A bumpy view of the Pit Crew
On their second run, the Pit Crew
post only 280 feet
Ooh! The Jet Jocks abort their run
half way up the hill
That's not good...the chain is off
The Pit Crew think removing two tires
will give them a better final run
Looks good so far...
...and it is  305 feet is their best yet!
The Jet Jocks can't over come and
it's the Pit Crew who advance!