Climbing Car

It's the Jet Jocks versus the Pit Crew in a race up a mountain. Each team will have three attempts to scale a 400 foot dirt track that runs up a very steep hill. The team that makes it to the top is the winner. Should both teams succeed, it's the fastest trip up the hill that determines the winner. It won't be an easy feat as both teams will begin from a standing start and the hill has a gradient of 40%...very steep indeed!

The Pit Crew are going for sheer brute force to get them up the hill. A monstrous engine (V8) and a beefy chassis (like a Jeep) is what they're going to need. Their concern will be power. Can they get the right engine and right truck or will they luck out and find a suitable V8 monster on the junk pile? Also, can they find enough proper wheels to give them maximum traction?

The Jet Jocks are going high-tech all the way up the hill, they hope. A light-weight custom chassis with a motorcycle engine will give them plenty of power to make a decent run at conquering the hill. However, will a motorcycle engine and it's chain-drive system be their downfall or will it just be too much for the engine to cope with?
The Pit Crew
clockwise from top left; Captain Frank,
Tim, Scott & expert Chris Adamson
The Jet Jocks
cloclwise from top left; Captain Ron,
Dave, Giff & expert Randy Ellis
The Pit Crew want a big beefy climber
The Jet Jocks are going for a light design
Ooh...kinda tight, isn't it?
Unflattering, yes. A good engine, no.
I think this Jet Jock has found something
Shock! A working motorcycle!
The Pit Crew will use the chassis, but not
the V6 of this Jeep mail truck
The Jet Jocks will make use of a well used
VW Beetle for steering components
Judge Rod Millen
Another body bites the dust
Uh oh. There's something seriously
wrong with these chains
Uh...Pit Crew? Has anyone mentioned
that your engine is on fire?
Scott wrestles with this tire after asking
for assistance and finding none
Cathy tries explaining the concept of
gradient to Tyler with modest success

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