Power Raft
Part Two
Tyler shows off the Kern River
The Oval-shaped course
Isn't 'Orbital Debris' a bad name for a
boat made from scrap?
The holes were too many to patch, so the
Spooks are filling ther raft with foam
Ummm....who are those people?
On your mark...get set...GO!
The Spooks charge up the river...
...and almost tip over on the first turn!
A wide turn at the bottom of the course
They finish with a respectable time
of 2 minutes flat
The Rocket Men shoot out of the gate...
...and whiz down the course
They make a quick turn
But their drive shaft snaps apart!
Can they fix it in time?
The Spooks get hung up on
their second run
And post a slower time than
their first run
On the 3rd trip, it happened again!
Can the Rocket Men fix their shaft
in time to complete the race?
Meanwhile the Spooks get slower and
slower on the course
The Rocket Men get it fixed and take
their second run on the course
They pull in a much faster time even by
going slower than before! The Rocket
Men advance to the semi-finals!