Power Raft

This is the final quarter-final episode in this series of Junkyard Wars. The Dukes of Spook are going to try and show that you don't have to be a rocket scientist, like the Rocket Men are, to build and race power rafts. The teams will have to race their boats against a strong current in some white water rapids. They will then turn a corner, race downstream, turn another corner and make an upstream "dash" for the finish line. Each team will have 3 tries with the team with the fastest time advancing.

The Dukes of Spook are going for an air-boat design. An air boat has an airplane propeller mounted to an engine above the water and blows itself along. They'll need a strong frame to mount the engine on and a sturdy raft to sail. Another major factor to consider is that if their boat is too heavy it will create a lot of drag which will drastically reduce their time.

The Rocket Man will be using jet power. Much like a jet ski, a small propeller spins in a tube, sucking water in through a valve, and throwing it out a smaller valve in the back with a great deal of force. This jet of water should propel them at high speeds. Weight will be a consideration as will being able to float their engine and two people.

Dukes of Spook 
top from l to r; Captain David & Frenchy
bottom; Laura & expert Chuck Rackley
Rocket Men 
top from l to r; captain Mike & Tom 
bottom; Jim & expert Doug Riddle
The Spooks' design is a fan mounted above 
the water with everything attached to an 
inflatable raft
The Rocket Men are going for a boat 
propelled by a jet of water shooting 
out the back
The Rocket Men, true to their nature, 
crash their buggy
The engine from this Beetle will power 
the mighty Spook fan
The impeller from this jet ski will 
propel the Rocket Men
Uh Frenchy...we're building a boat
Find it yet?
This is what the professionals use
Our judge this week, 
Greg Shoemaker
This half-inflated raft is the bottom of 
the Spooks' power raft
Does the car look familiar? It should since 
the Canadian Junkeeze used it to build a 
portable bridge.
Unfortunately, the engine has too many 
wires for the boys from NASA to figure 
out in the time they have left
The fan goes onto the engine...
...and they install a cage for their biggest fan
The Rocket Men found an older engine 
and mount it into their hull of 2 270 gallon 
oil drums
Cool welding mask. Are those government 
The Dukes of Spook fan-boat
The Rocket Mens jet boat
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