All Terrain Vehicle
This episode, the third preliminary heat, has Dammage taking on the Long Brothers in a race to off-road car.  Their ATV will have to drive over (or through) a multitude of terrains. The race itself is a four lap, relay race which will give each teammember a chance to drive.  The first team to get their final teammate over the finish line, wins. The only rule in the build is that they can't use the Quad bikes for parts.

Dammage is going for a monster of a car. They'll take the front drive out of a large car and attach it to the rear-end of a Volkswagen Beetle. It will be heavy but powerful. Their biggest problem will be making sure the weight in the rear isn't too much and making sure the engine is firmly attached to the car.

The Long Brothers are building a car from scratch. They'll use tubing (or rails) to construct a chassis and roll cage.  They will also use the rear and front axle of cars and a motorcycle engine for power. How they attach the motorcycle engine to the cars drivetrain will be the most critical.

Both teams will need to keep balance in mind. Ideally, the engine would be placed in the middle for maximum stability and weight distribution. Also, they'll need to find the balance between the power of their respective engines and the weight of their cars.

clockwise captain Ristow, John & Kal
Their expert is James Aduskevich
The Long Brothers
clockwise captain Brian, Terry & Greg
Expert, Mike Ferguson
This will be the main body for Dammage's
This will provide the drive for their
Nothing in there of any use
Shedding some unnecessary weight
Here comes the judge, Rod Falls
This Honda engine will provide the
Long Brothers with oomph
A key piece of equipment, a 4 point
harness safety chair
The roll cage gets welded to the frame
The Long Brothers' off roader 
Dammage's franken-bug
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