The Rusties

On a warm afternoon in Los Angeles, an awards show was held to celebrate the best of the best in Scrap-chievements. Many big name celebrities were there like Tom Cruise, Gwynneth, so I'm tellin a small fib or three.

'The Rustie' is an award for the best of the best (or worst) in many categories such as 'Best Technical Cock-Up'.  Presented by Robert & Cathy and watched by an immense audience of 2 (Robert & Cathy) on their 13" television in one of the build areas at the scrapheap. In essence, it's a show designed to recap the production crew's favorite moments of the previous series of Scrapheap Challenge.

You can either click on each individual category or cycle through them on after the other without having to return to this page. Click the envelope at the bottom of each page to find out the winner of each category. With that all said, let the show begin!

The ebullient hosts of The Rusties
The enraptured viewers of The Rusties
Hero of the Year
Scavenger of the Year
Best Technical Cock-Up
Best Race
Best Use of a Household Object
Best Looking Loser
Best Driving
Machine of the Year
Miscellaneous Awards