Mega Wars
Part 5
The experts, and Tyler, tell the teams
to 'Stroke! Stroke!'
The Raptors have overheated their
engine and are forced to
everyone else
The Raptors, once in first place are
passed by the Bears...
...and then by the Bulldogs who are
running their engine and using their
wheels like a paddleboat
The Bears are enjoying a considerable
lead over the other teams
The Bulldogs have a fire aboard ship!
Running their engine wasn't a great idea
after all
The Bears win a race!!
The Bulldogs are trying to push their
machine out of the water
The Raptors catch up and pass the
Bulldogs to claim 2nd place
Some gentle encouragement to push
Finally, the Bulldogs drive across the
finish line
Your winners, the American Raptors
All the teams at the medal podium