Car Jousting

This is the final build of Scrapheap Challenge for the 2001 series. The Megalomaniacs, Series 2 winners and winners of the first-ever interseries challenge (drag racers) will face off against The Cat-alysts, winners of Series 4. Their challenge is very unique. They must build a car that will compete in a demolition derby. Hitting certain parts of the opponents car will score varying amounts of points and going outside of ever-widening rings will give points to the other team. The team with the highest score after 3 rounds is the grand champion for this series. Oh, did I mention that the cars will be operated remotely? That's right, the teams must build giant radio-controlled cars.

In essence, each team is building the same machine. The only difference is the vehicles and some of the ways they'll operate the various control systems of their vehicles. The Megs are using a station wagon and the Cats are using a van. The Megs are going to use wheel chair motors to drive the systems of the car while the Cats will use power window motors for theirs.

What each team will need are servos. A servo is a small motor with a small control arm. One use of a servo is to operate the flaps of a model airplane (which is where the teams will find their servos). Obviously a small motor and small control arm can't turn a steering wheel or operate a gear shifter. The servo can be used to operate a larger motor that is capable of doing those things.
The Cat-alysts Expert
James Holstead
The Megalomaniacs Expert
Ian Walters
It's 10 points for a side hit, 20 for the
rear and 30 up on top
This toy airplane will give up it's
tiny servos to control their van
The Megs are going to use this
old station wagon
The Cats want to use this Ford
Aerostar van
The van's power windo motors will
be strong enough to work their brake
and shifter
Nosher uses his usual finesse to
open the stuck door of their station
A wheel chair wheel attached to the
steering wheel will simplify that control
The Cat's use an ingenious bicycle
gearing system for their steering
The judge this week is
Martin Smith
Oops!  The Megs burn a hole in their
wagon welding stuff to the rooof
That shifter is smooth as silk, attached
to a power window system
The Megs will us steering linkage to
brake & steer with just one motor.
As one side is pushed down, the other
is released
The Cat's realize that they don't need
a giant motor for steering. The
throttle is pulled by a small cable
The Cat-alysts make an adjustment
to their armor
The Megs add some armor to the
front of their car... do the Cat-alysts. It's important
to protect the radiator

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