Both teams have battled their way to this, the scrapheap final. The Navy have been well represented by the Destroyers who took wins in Backpack Cars, Wheelie Cars and Jet Cars. Dark horses Hot Property have surprised everyone by starting with few scrap-skills and dominating the markets of Ice Racers and Fire Engines. This build, however, is like nothing else they have faced so far. The teams will be constructing tanks. On test day, they will have to navigate 3 trials. The first is to drive onto a mucky/muddy/sandy firing range and take out 3 targets. The second has them racing around the same course to take out 5 targets and get back across the finish line. Finally, it's a head-to-head shoot-out where they must shoot at targets mounted on the opposing teams tank. The deadly ammo for this...potatoes!

Hot Property are going with a traditional, and complicated, tank. They want to mount a large truck onto a second chassis with 4 axles underneath of it. A total of 6 axles will be surrounded by tank treads, driven by the wheels of the truck on top. No fancy turret for their spud gun either. They want to concentrate on getting the tank portion built. The concerns facing Hot Property are building a system to keep the treads on the wheels and finding 4 matched axles/tires for the base. While they now have good fabricating experience, can they still overcome the odds again?

The Destroyers are going with the other tank design of the modern army, a wheeled tank. They will use a four-wheel drive truck and cover it with metal for protection from flying spuds. This design might "high centre" (the bottom could get caught on a hill, lifting all drive tires off the ground) so they want to add a 3rd axle and make a 6 wheel drive tank. Finding a good 4WD might be somewhat easy but adding that 3rd axle is daunting to say the least. They are also going to add a turret but will that just add too much to their already heavy workload?

Destroyers Expert
Warrant Officer Paul Ramsey
Hot Property Expert
The Destroyers' 6-wheeled tank
Hot Property's treaded tank
With a little help, Hot Property get a
Land Rover into the build bay
The Destroyers have a Landy too but
it's chassis is severely rust-rotted
This triple-axled boat trailer should be
just the ticket for Hot Property
The rear axle from this dangly Landy
will make a 4WD into a 6WD
This pile of rubber should make good
treads...with a shed load of work
This week's Judge is
Lieutenant Colonel David Ansel
To rebuild the Rover's rear, this
box-steel should work a treat
To keep the treads on, this guard
should stop it from popping off
A test fit shows how the finished 10
wheeled tank should look
This water tank will provide armor
for the Destroyers
The treads are done. It only took 200
metal straps, 400 bolts and 800"
of rubber to assemble them
The guns will be in their faces, more
or less, so they are given new pressure
fittings for safety's sake
Hot Property fit together a patchwork
armor-plating system
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