part two
A plastic water tank on a 
merry-go-round form a turret
Disaster! The rear axle was mounted
upside-down meaning the wheel turn
Hot Property's Terrifying Tank
The Destroyers 6WD M-1
Having fixed their tank in tinker time,
the Destroyers are at the start line
They blow a large hole in the
2nd of three targets
It's plows through the deep
sand with little problem
They've blasted all 3 targets
in only 1m:50s!
Hot Property rumble towards the
star-line for their first run
Oh no! The guard isn't enough and the 
track has slipped off. No score.
In their 2nd run, the Destroyers are
moving towards target #2
They put a nice clean, but small,
hole into the 4th target
They line-up and take aim at
target number five
Oh! They high-centred coming away
from target 5 and get a DNF!
Hot Property are still in it and
roll across the start line
Argh! Something in the engine has gone
"bang" and they are out of it totally
Your 2003 Scrapheap Champions,
the Destroyers!!