The semis are getting fast and furious as the Jousters (Giant Darts) face off against the Cops and Bodgers (Bomb Disposers) in a real race. The teams are to build speedboats that can fly up and down the course. Once again, it's a simple contest. Each team gets 3 runs up the course, around a buoy and back down to the start line. The team with the fastest time in 3 runs advances.

The Cops and Bodgers want to use a car roof and use a medium sized engine to turn a propeller out the back. For stability, they'll add a small pontoon (or sponson) to either side. The hope is that it will be light enough to hydroplane across the surface of the water, rather than trying ti cut through it. Obviously, the pieces are easy enough to find but will their expert be happy with whatever they find?

The Jousters are going in the opposite direction. A big van roof and a big engine will turn some sort of propeller. Again, it's easy enough to find and put together all of the pieces. However, they will need a massive engine to move such a large boat design. Speed is the key and this idea may not be ship-shape.

Jousters expert
Adam Younger
Cops and Bodgers expert
Stuart Edwards
The Jousters' big speed boat
The Cops and Bodgers hi-tech boat
This station wagon's roof and engine
should do the job for the Cops
A van roof is definitely big and well
suited for the Jousters plan
Expert Stuart doesn't like either of
these props...they're too small
This 1000cc motorcycle engine
might be enough to move the van roof
Nothing about the wagon was suitable,
so they go with a heavy Rover roof
(returning) Judge Steve Curtis
The 1.6L engine of this Honda Civic
is better...or so Stuart thinks
To move the van roof along, the Jousters
have one impeller. They're going to
need two for any oomph
Despite it NOT being in their build bay,
the Cops lay claim to this old jet ski
This prop suits Expert Stuart
much better
Getting the prop and shaft in the right
place will be key to getting the
propeller to push them along
To get power to both impellers, the
Jousters are using a chain running
across both shafts
The Cops and Bodgers Speedboat
The Jousters Beefy Boat
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